Who We Are


Broken to Brave is a non-profit effort based in the Pacific Northwest delivering bundles of new, inspirational books to local children experiencing hardships. 


Why We Care So Much About Good Books

Books have a profound effect on children. Within each page a young, vulnerable mind finds love, comfort, kindness, bravery, courage, and justice to name a few. Pages can foster inspiration for all things true, good and beautiful. Withhold these truths and children in dire circumstances can remain broken forever. Offer them the opportunity to explore relationships and worlds beyond their vision and you give them a chance to not only live but dream, thrive and hope, making their world – our world – a better place. 


Learn about our organization, mission, who we work with and the children we serve.

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Can a children’s book change the world? No! But the young people who read them can.
— Linda Sue Park