Q. Where is your organization based?

A. Broken to Brave is based in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Q. How is your organization run?

A. All non-profit organizations in Oregon are run by a Board of Directors. The Broken to Brave Board of Directors consists of three individuals who oversee our organizations operations, financials and overall activities to ensure we follow state guidelines and stay true to our mission.

Q. How many children do you serve on a monthly basis?

A. This depends on:
1) Our partners: They communicate with us as to how many families or children are in need of services.
2) Our financial ability to gift books thanks to private donations.

Our gift box donations currently range from 30 to over 100 gift boxes per month (that's roughly 150+ – 500 books per month).

Q. Can't children or their parents/guardians just go to their local library for books?

A. In many cases, the library is not regularly visited by a child's temporary guardian. Their main goal is to offer the child their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing. Beyond this, books are oftentimes an afterthought despite the value they bring to a child during this vulnerable time. We do, however, offer information in each one of our gift boxes for their local library. 

Q. Why do they need new books? Aren't used books just as useful?

A. While used books are great for most of us, the children we serve deserve something they can own with pride, without wear and tear because in most cases, everything given to them is used before they receive it. 

Q. Why not just gift the children a device like a Kindle so they can access unlimited books?

A. The children we aim to serve are often living in poverty or are living in emotional/physically abusive homes wherein their biological family members may promptly remove such a device to use for themselves or sell for money. We find books are much less threatening. Kindles also cost quite a bit more than what our budget allows.